Coopers Towers, South Dakota

Full tower services - anywhere, anytime, on time!Coopers Welding + MFG. is a tower company that deals with every aspect of the tower industry.  Our company was founded in 1991 by an experienced tower hand named Jim Cooper with a “do or die” attitude. Since then we have adapted with the changing tower industry and can provide safe tower sites for those we work with.

Coopers Welding originated in the broadcast tower industry and has adopted all applications of the tower industry with the growing demand for tower specialists. Our company has roots in the Upper Midwest and our crew has no geographical limit.  We’re used to tough work, long hours, tall towers in less than hospitable conditions and the necessity for improvisation on the tower site.

Our company can provide service in fabrication, installation, inspection, maintenance, upgrades and site removal. We’re a hardworking, honest company that knows there is always a way to get the job done.

Coopers Communication

Coopers Communication is a partner company that owns, maintains and leases towers. They provide a service to those who do not wish to invest the large sums of money needed to build and maintain towers and sites. They provide this service by fabricating, installing, insuring and maintaining a tower to meet your requirements as a lease agreement.


26158-455th Avenue, Humboldt, SD 57035 | Phone (605) 363-3150 | Fax (605) 363-3009

National Association of Tower Erectors Member!

Cooper's Towers & Manufacturing specializes in site construction, erection, modification, inspection, fabrication, maintenance, antenna installation, site removal and co-location servicing the wireless communications and broadcast industries.